Sitting at lunch one day, the GitButler team were having our usual conversations of how awesome our community is, product feature ideas, and how much Kiril loves food. As we shifted toward the topic of conferences, the idea of hosting our own event emerged. Wouldn’t it be fun to put on a conference?

With our extensive network - founders and executives from GitHub, Atlassian, Sentry, and Heroku - coupled with our creativity and willingness to experiment, we recognized a unique opportunity. We know that there are literally thousands of developer conferences in the world, but we noticed there is only a handful of conferences focused on developer experience so we saw a slight (very slight) gap in the market and we took it.

And, again we are willing to take it to the next level and experiment to put on a conference that’s never been done before. Thus, THE MERGE was born. Our goal is to embrace our community spirit and redefine what a tech conference should be.

Getting Community Involved from Day One At GitButler, we're all about building connections and fostering a strong, authentic community. So, even though we're still pretty young in the game, we knew we had to invest in community building right off the bat.

We've seen the power of bringing people together firsthand, as we host monthly meetups at our office here in Berlin, as well as satellite events and after parties at conferences in other cities.

We love talking with our user base - listening to what their pain points are and how we can potentially help. We're committed to making THE MERGE a hub for collaboration, innovation (I know, I know this word is overused, but it’s true), and just overall good vibes.

THE MERGE Explosion Seriously, it all started with a crazy lunchtime chat. And from there, we hit the ground running.

We checked out a bunch of venues, stumbled upon this epic spot (The Arena Berlin) that just screamed 'THE MERGE,' and the rest is history.

What started out as a small-ish idea, exploded into a 1000+ attendee, 20 speaker, and 15,000 sqm conference with a proper Berlin club for the after party and a beach club on the Berlin spree (with a pool!). As more people got wind of our idea, the excitement grew, and suddenly we had this killer lineup of speakers, an epic venue, and an idea that was becoming a reality.

Developed by Developers, for Developers So, here's the thing—you're talking to a team of mostly developers here. We get it. We know what developers want because, well, we're right there with you. Sure, someone's gotta handle the logistics and all (me, the non-developer ;)), but trust us when we say we've got our finger on the pulse of what makes a conference kick-ass.

So, we've curated this lineup of speakers and experiences that we know you're gonna love. Plus, we've thrown in a sweet location, killer food, and drinks because, hey, why not make it a party?

THE MERGE isn't your typical tech conference. So, come join us as we merge minds, ideas, and passions at THE MERGE. It's gonna be epic, it's gonna be fun, and most importantly, it's gonna be all about you—the awesome community that makes it all possible. See you there! 🚀✨

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